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J. Selye University

Official name: Univerzita J. Selyeho

Address: Bratislavská cesta 3 322, 945 01 Komárno, Slovakia


The J. Selye University was founded in 2004 in Komárno. It is the youngest public university in Slovakia. Key objective of the University is to prepare academically qualified experts in finance, management, information technology, business and marketing, primary and secondary school teachers, theologians and catechists, who would be able to find suitable employment in the Slovak, European or international labor market. Thanks to their education, communication abilities and language skills, they are able to contribute to the promotion of market economy and raise the level of competitiveness of Central and Eastern-European economies, as well as to the creation of a solid base for high-quality education in ethnic schooling, while at the same time preserving and strengthening moral values of the society.

Main language of the University is Hungarian, which is the mother tongue of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia. The University provides studies also in Slovak, English and German.


Faculty of Economics and Informatics Fakulta ekonómie a informatiky Gazdaságtudományi és Informatikai Kar
Faculty of Education Pedagogická fakulta Tanárképző Kar
Reformed Theological Faculty Fakulta reformovanej teológie Református Teológiai Kar


The form of education at our University is based on two types of classes. There are seminars and teacher presentations. Students can attend these, however the teacher presentations are often not compulsory. Of course this depends on the teacher as well.

Students have the opportunity to select from a wide range of subjects, there are different classes for team work or individual work.

Komárno is a relatively inexpensive city, with plenty of student life and plenty of others to share the experience with. Studying in Komárno promises to be the experience of a lifetime!