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Dear international PhD. students, PhD. graduates, visiting academics and researchers,

We are turning to you with a kind request to fill in an online survey on support needs of mobile academic staff conducted by the international EU-funded Erasmus+ project called UniWeliS aimed at supporting internationalisation of higher education through professionalising services for mobile academic staff.

The aim of the survey is to collect evidence and data on mobility experiences and support needs of international researchers, lecturers and PhD students in the Central-Eastern and South-Eastern European countries. Based on this study we will design practical tools that will facilitate the successful integration of international academics in these countries. The created tools will be of a great benefit to future mobile academics and contribute to the continued improvement of academic staff mobility opportunities and services in the target region. Typically, we are aiming at a mobility experience longer than three months and carried out within past five years.

Please find the link to the survey

It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

We would be very grateful if you consider our request. Your feedback and input to the evidence we aim to build will greatly contribute to identifying of real support needs of mobile academics and thus help to enhance the support services provided by host higher education institutions in Slovakia and other countries in the focus.

Thank you for your collaboration. We much appreciate it.

Best regards

Silvia Kotulicova

Silvia Kotuličová

SAIA, n. o.

EURAXESS Slovensko